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not in here….

I thought for sure I had complained about HFT (high frequency trading) as well as the NYSE selling computer space between the broker’s computers and the trading computers on this blog.  Sure enough I have bitched for the past 4 years on other blogs about this – what I call “insider trading” – but never posted in here.  Well, here I go.

Why insider trading?  These computers/algorithms see incoming orders and front-end them.  For example, you want to buy 1 mil shares aapl – you send in the trade.  Very quickly the algos will sell you some but then buy up the balance of your order – then selling to you at a higher price what you SHOULD have bought originally – all at the same price.

Now a gentleman has written a book about this – gets big press and he appears on 60 minutes.  They interview big fund managers and GS folks who all swear WE DIDN’T KNOW about this…..?!?!

Call me crazy but in the past 4 yrs I’ve been complaining, I’ve written about a books worth!  And here is a warning to the author – he THINKS he beat the algos by slowing down his trades so they all arrive at the same time – but there will always be a set of computers on the NYSE floor screwing everyone all the time – until it is “ruled” illegal – hell, I KNOW it is illegal but there ya go…

Maybe someone will write a book about how the NYSE selling floor space next to their trading computers is STEALING and we will all be saved (from something every trader KNOWS is going on – and has been for years and years).

Rigged is an understatement.  Watch the brokerage house earnings reports – many will go the entire quarter without a SINGLE day of trading losses.  Not ONE day of loses – for several houses!

Hey SEC – do the math – this is a statistical impossibility – no this is a are you fuking crazy never in a million years statistical impossibility.