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Been a while – thought I’d share a few things

Well, let’s see – how many banksters have died lately (7 or 8) – crazy suicides like falling down a 30 ft embankment/hill (didn’t we do that as kids?), then there is the bankster who apparently committed suicide with a nail gun – had to fire it 8 TIMES!  Having used and since I own a nail gun – to say this is impossible is an understatement.

How is that BOcare working out for you?  Had your policy cancelled yet so you can buy a new one at an increase of 40% + thousands more in deductible payments…  anyway, the law was written to GUARANTEE no losses for Ins companies.  Yes, you read that correctly.  All to TRY to get the ins cos to keep premiums artificially LOW – and we have another FAIL.

hey, let’s all go to China for a FAMILY vacation (no reporters!) – but hey, it is an official trip so the taxpayers can foot the bill.  As one employee said:  “we can’t wait for this to end”

Twitter comment;  This one might have summed it up the best.

@brithume So they “can’t wait for this to be over,” huh? Now they know how a lot of us feel.

I want to be perfectly clear – EBT should be used for Lobster!  And no, you don’t have to get a job (welfare to work law gutted by BO)

Ahhh, gotta love those teacher unions – where discriminating against Christians is part of the union CONTRACT!!  Yes, it is!  (ps – that sign should read ARE, not our but hey, I’m sure she showed it to all her buddies – very proud of it – while holding it up for all to see, in a sea of teachers – and NOBODY caught the spelling error!)

Finally, I’ll leave you with this thought/question;  should a GBLT printing company have to print posters that say “GOD HATES FAGS”?  Should they have the right to say no thank you to Westboro Baptist business?  Should any business owner have the right to say No thank you to providing services to an event they find objectionable?  Which religious/property rights trumps which?

ps – having mentioned the azzhats at Westboro I’d be remiss if I didn’t share this – from the have you completely lost your mind column;

“It would be in extremely poor taste if someone were to protest my father’s funeral just because they disagreed with him,” she said. “Everyone is entitled to respect in death. What monster would go out of their way to upset my family when we’re grieving?”

ARE YOU KIDDING ?!?  Respect must be given if you expect to receive it.

I would never picket a funeral – never – because I consider it sick and depraved.  I confess, I hope thousands show up (and support them) – all the wives, Mothers, Fathers, sons & daughters of fallen soldiers – the GBLT community, and all the folks who where suffering the loss of a loved one and saw these assholes picketing their dearly departed’s funeral.

Would serve Fred Phelps and his family right – to feel the pain they caused so many.

God bless you and this country – please.


What do Congressional Black Conservatives think about the NRA, KKK & Gun Control?

You’d be surprised I bet;

Piers and gun control… my answer to the repeated resurection of tragic events.

I posted a response to a friends post… here is their post (and vid) and my commentary (yes, it reaches novella proportions and I was just getting warmed up lol)  I’m a linear thinker – logic, a followed by b, facts actually have to be based on facts… anyway, here goes;

OTHER POST: That is just what The British Redcoat and USA hater Piers Morgan does not want to happen.

Piers Morgan wants all women to be the victim with no armed defense and to suffer what a victim may suffer as the criminal attacker desires.
Piers hates all American women and he hates the men who love them. To make it personal, which it is to every unarmed woman.


What the gentleman could have added to his argument and for the azzhats who keep bringing up isolated incidents like Sandy Hook – he should have said:

Piers, while Sandy Hook was a tragic event, it is over.

The fatality numbers are fixed. Done. My point is women are dying every day from rape attempts, home invasions, car jackings, muggings…. Unfortunately, the stats I’m giving are not fixed – people, women, daughters, mothers, wives – are dying every DAY when a gun could have saved their lives.

More importantly a Clinton era survey by 2 anti-gun professors, ADMITS guns are used 1.5 million times a year – quote:

“Applying those restrictions leaves 19 NSPOF respondents (0.8 percent of the sample),
representing 1.5 million defensive users. This estimate is directly comparable to the well-known estimate of Kleck and Gertz, shown in the last column of exhibit 7. While the NSPOF estimate is smaller, it is statistically plausible that the difference is due to sampling error. Inclusion of multiple DGUs reported by half of the 19 NSPOF respondents increases the estimate to 4.7 million DGUs.”

DGU = defensive gun use.

NOTE: I’ve read the report. It goes on to “conclude: the respondents/results were full of “false positives” (also note they don’t give credit for having 2 or more DGU in one year – 2 or more equals one as factored/adjusted below).

They want to insist instead of 1 in 100 incidents – the correct results are ADJ DOWN to 1 in 1800 (18X LESS) – whaddever

if one were to concede their “new math” dumbed down results (and I’m not conceding but I damn sure will do the math and make an observation); 

1 in 1800 still equals 177,700 times a year a gun is used in defense, to thwart a crime, a rape, a child kidnapping, a home invasion….

1 8 0, 0 0 0 times a year a gun is used to PREVENT A VIOLENT CRIME – a very conservative estimate !!

Sandy Hook, Columbine Workers Youth League Norway  – all tragic but FIXED events.  Yes, some nut will get a gun and go on to shoot several, even many people.  But let’s not let the few, outweigh the MANY,  at a minimum – TENS OF THOUSANDS who are SAVED EVERY YEAR because they HAD A GUN.

Throwing out the baby with the bath water?

– btw, Norway has very strict gun laws – a quote (re: ownership requirements):  “Other needs can include special guard duties or self-defense, but the first is rare unless the person shows identification confirming that he or she is a trained guard or member of a law-enforcement agency and the second is practically never accepted as a reason for gun ownership.”

Let’s not forget History – or we’re doomed to repeat;

Remember when DC was named “the murder capital of the world: – when? During a period (1976 until SCOTUS ruling) of strict gun laws.  When the gun ban was overturned, what happened to violent crime rates??
A: dropped over 40% – not a typo, dropped 40%+

excerpt “Since the gun ban was struck down, murders in the District have steadily gone down, from 186 in 2008 to 88 in 2012″

As I verified my position – I found, I must stand corrected;  down 52%.

Yeah, somebody needs to tell piers the how illogical …   …..  ya know, would it matter how many facts he hears?

I’ve found facts don’t seem to matter to liberals – they just change the subject, revive another tragic event and assert it’s PROOF of their position, sitting high upon their throne of superiority – as Pier did when asked if the lady who used her gun in self defense – where she Pier’s wife, would he want her to have a gun for self protection??  (we know the answer – he simply can’t articulate the answer and concede his position).

PIERS, no answer, changed the subject to Sandy Hook.

Final observation for Mr. Piers – what has happened in England since guns were effectively banned? THIS IS IMPORTANT (video)

Note:  The UK has the 2nd highest violent crime rate in the EU!  5th in robbery.  4th in burglary.  And the EU named Britain the MOST VIOLENT COUNTRY IN THE EU!!

Again – Britain has STRICT gun ban.  Gun crimes still happen – albeit at a much lessor rate than USA – I concede that fact.  Now, compare VIOLENT CRIMES, robberies, assaults, burglaries…  Britain exceeds the USA.

Obvious question;  what would happen to the violent crime rate in the USA if guns were banned??  Seriously – think about it folks.  This is not a complex puzzle with a trick answer.

Gun bans are causal. Gun ban = violent crime. This is a logical – no, it is an indisputable conclusion.   There is a direct relationship;  gun bans are causal and proportionate to higher rates of violent crimes.

So what is your preference?  Because I have to ask:  Is being a victim somehow morally superior to defending yourself?  I guess for some liberals it may come down to their being the person in the attic – with their children – while some nut is trying to break down the door – and only having the police dispatcher on the other end of the phone – to “save” them.

Yes, think about it being your wife, your children – or you.  Not trying to be overly dramatic – but I do suffer from reality.  This is not the first home invasion.

Or the last.

Obama Phones – get one or three, or twelve and sell them!

Yes, this reporter gets 3 phones for FREE – don’t you feel good about how your tax dollars are being spent??  Is this really helping the “poor”??

I understand this program was started by a “republican” (Reagan) – so what?  Does that somehow make wasting millions/billions of taxpayer $$ right?  Does the programs origin make waste and fraud acceptable?

I’m so sick of the fraud being pointed out yet our govt/”representatives” continue to do NOTHING.  Woman hordes 30 phones!!

NSA green light – remember, it’s all for the children… *cough*

In a significant victory for law enforcement, a federal appeals court on Tuesday said that government authorities could extract historical location data directly from telecommunications carriers without a search warrant.

Significant for law enforcement – really shitty for the citizens.

Cuplability – lots of it!

Culpability – GZ, don’t follow, observe and call popo. He got out but didn’t get much further than 100 yrds of his vehicle.

TM = 4 minutes a crazy azz cracker was following him so what does he DO?
1) Call police – No
2) keep walking after he lost GZ and go home? Nope
3) keep walking and go back to the store/public place? No
4) stop and ask why are you following me? Not a chance

5) CALL POLICE?  Hang up with that idiot friend and call POLICE?!  If TM was such a scared little boy he’d have called the POLICE (so what if this were a few month later and TM was 18 wth, he was over SIX feet tall and 174 pounds of street fighting FIT).

Had TM called police since he was such a scared little boy *cough*, the dispatcher would have said – oh, I have that crazy azz cracker on the other line, I’ll tell him to leave you alone so you can go home w/o incident.

Culpability – plenty to go around but the bottom line is – what happened the 4 minutes after GZ said I lost him (“pursuit/stalking” ended,  all within 100 yards of GZ vehicle).

oh yeah, I’M GUILTY of PROFILING TOO. Every time I come into my neighborhood, go to the store parking lot, go into a store. go to my friend’s homes…. every time I’m in line somewhere I am looking for anything that doesn’t belong;
a van
a car
a truck
a PERSON – and you don’t have to be black to get my attention.

jus sayin.