Voters are stupid – lack of tranparency

By now hopefully you’ve seen somewhere (certainly not on NBC) Mr. Gruber, architect of BOcare say the only way it was passed it because of the stupidity of the American Voter + the tortured language that kept  CBO from scoring it as a tax and the lack of transparency was used as a tool to lie to each one of us.

I searched CBS, ABC and NBC for the story – only CBS had any results.  The lame stream media continues to cover for BO & Co in all things.

The message from BO & Co – nanny govt has to take care of the STUPID people of America.  Well, that’s not correct – the stupid ones are the ones who thought adding 40,000,000 more ppl into the HC system would reduce costs (econ 101 is Supply and Demand dictate COST) or that we could “keep our doctor”.


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