GZ should sue FLA prosecutors for Civil Rights Violations!

Is this any shock – the prosecution had to give up important evidence because a whistle blower spoke up – now the whistle blower has been FIRED from the prosecutor’s office.

“The special prosecutor appointed to the George Zimmerman case has sacked a whistle-blowing colleague who testified at the trial that the state attorney’s office failed to comply with the rules of discovery.

Ben Kruidbos, the state attorney’s office IT director, was reportedly fired in the wake of rendering testimony during a June 6 hearing that was potentially damaging to the prosecution regarding cell phone photos and text messages discovered on Trayvon Martin’s phone that were not  furnished to defense attorneys.”

What was so damning to the states narrative that TM was a sweet little boy, a child in fact??

“The cell phone photos reportedly depict, among other things, a clump of jewelry on a bed, underage nude females, marijuana plants, as well as a hand menacingly holding a semiautomatic pistol.”

Not mentioned – pics of TM street fights where he participated and refereed!!  Poor little man-child TM was in fact, a street fighting T H U G.  He’d been caught with burglary tools, drugs, etc.

So I’m clear – I am NOT a fan of vilifying a victim to try and get someone off (ex: rape cases).  This case was a case about self-defense and while the prosecution would have you believe GZ was twice TM size, have you believe GZ was some MMA fighter, that GZ ran down TM and was 100% culpable – thank the good Lord the jury saw the truth.


BTW fla prosecutors – you are FUGGED.  You lied cheated and held back evidence – YOU should be the ones going to JAIL and I hope you receive the same justice you tried to dish out.

FUGGIN unbelievable that our “justice system” operates this way.

and BTW, I posted BO would only come out AFTER the verdict (if at all).  As expected the azzhat waited a day to see if riots would break out so the anointed BO could come out and “calm the nation” and save the day.  What a crock of shit.  BO is trying for a race war… oh well BO, back to the drawing board… 


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