Cuplability – lots of it!

Culpability – GZ, don’t follow, observe and call popo. He got out but didn’t get much further than 100 yrds of his vehicle.

TM = 4 minutes a crazy azz cracker was following him so what does he DO?
1) Call police – No
2) keep walking after he lost GZ and go home? Nope
3) keep walking and go back to the store/public place? No
4) stop and ask why are you following me? Not a chance

5) CALL POLICE?  Hang up with that idiot friend and call POLICE?!  If TM was such a scared little boy he’d have called the POLICE (so what if this were a few month later and TM was 18 wth, he was over SIX feet tall and 174 pounds of street fighting FIT).

Had TM called police since he was such a scared little boy *cough*, the dispatcher would have said – oh, I have that crazy azz cracker on the other line, I’ll tell him to leave you alone so you can go home w/o incident.

Culpability – plenty to go around but the bottom line is – what happened the 4 minutes after GZ said I lost him (“pursuit/stalking” ended,  all within 100 yards of GZ vehicle).

oh yeah, I’M GUILTY of PROFILING TOO. Every time I come into my neighborhood, go to the store parking lot, go into a store. go to my friend’s homes…. every time I’m in line somewhere I am looking for anything that doesn’t belong;
a van
a car
a truck
a PERSON – and you don’t have to be black to get my attention.

jus sayin.


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