A liberal friend of mine will love this!

Yes, I actually have too many liberal friends – I don’t know why they hang out with me, I infuriate them but then again, maybe they like hearing the truth instead of the bullshit the LSM pumps out for the WH and BO.

But one friend I’m thinking of keeps posting the republicans are “taking her/our RIGHTS”.  I guess she is talking about… the “right” to healthcare.. or abortions… I dunno but I do point out the things the BO admin is TAKING FROM US ALL;

1) the right to keep our earnings as BO/washington dems go on spending spree and no budget in 5 years

2) the right to home school – http://frontpagemag.com/2013/dgreenfield/obama-inc-defends-german-homeschool-ban-as-promoting-tolerance-for-a-pluralistic-society/

3) the RIGHT TO PRIVACY (geeze, this is even listed in the constitution/bill of rights!!) – we have a right to NOT be subject to unlawful searches/wire taps/data gathering.  Well folks, if you’ve ever owned a phone (land lines included), sent an email, posted on Facebook – YOUR CONVERSATIONS are all recorded and the govt is keeping a copy!

4) the right to freedom of speech as the IRS targets conservative people, groups and non-profits all to STIFLE FREE SPEECH (well, only opposing speech – the libs are all safe).

5) BO & Co is doing all it can to take back yet another RIGHT outlined by the bill of rights – the right to own a gun and DEFEND ONESELF!  A Clinton era survey est 2 MILLION times a year guns are used to STOP a crime.  Why is this detail removed from all news reports??  Where is the “counter-point”?  http://thetreeofliberty.com/vb/showthread.php?t=176432

Oh my, how I can go on to Selective Enforcement of Laws (including BOcare!! lmao) – which is a direct violation of the oath of office for the prez and the head of DOJ and on and on – issuing “Executive Orders” to stop enforcing immigration laws while the DOJ sues states ex: Arizona to PREVENT them from enforcing immigration laws…

We have a monarchy.  We have a dictator.  We have anything but a representative of the people, for the people – yet my liberal friend LOVES BO – he’s so dreamy (ok she didn’t say that) – while she stands firm that GWB and the republicans are taking away all her “rights”. Maybe she (and BO and DOJ Holder) need to READ the Bill of Rights and the Constitution?!? Ya think?


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