We have a King, not a president…

Apparently we have a king… 


What one congressman thinks about the selective enforcement of laws, which is against the oath of office and illegal – to Benghazi & gun running and spying on reporters as well as you and me and every US citizen while the IRS targets individuals and non-profits for their political beliefs (2 yrs before the 2012 election – arguably the IRS affected the election results). 

Where does it end?

And people said GWB was a bad president… where are all the libs/protestors now?!?  Oh, they only protest conservatives – goes to show everyone how

1) how gullible they are

2) that they are simply puppets and have no ability to think for themselves – believing with all their body in protesting an act no matter WHO is committing the act (ie. drone attacks) v. a party  – “just because a republican said it, I’m against it” mentality instead of Drones kill 50 innocents for every 1 target hit so I will protest ANY president who supports drone use (not to mention BO is using drones on US citizens and advocates his authority to KILL US Citizens with drones, INSIDE the USA!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!). 

3)  They have no ability to THINK & discern for themselves. 

This is the sad state of the liberal.  Yes, we have change and it isn’t good for so many reasons – mostly because BO is worse then GWB when it comes to violating personal rights and liberties. 

The change BO has given us is selective interpretation of the constitution and that is bad for everyone.


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