Riots R US Zimmerman trial

Riots R US Zimmerman trial

It is clear to anyone with half a brain GZimmerman should not have been charged with any crime.  His face was bashed in, a neighbor standing right there testifies TM beating GZ, other neighbor says screams are GZ, and on and on and on…

And there is BO sticking his nose into yet another local issue to comment – “If I had a son he’d look like TM”.

HEY BO – will you come out in ADVANCE of the jury and say – No matter what the verdict is, we are a nation of laws – I call for NO rioting and if you do riot, you will be arrested and prosecuted to the FULLEST EXTENT of the law”.  BO should call the Rev goon squad and tell them – do NOT go stir the pot.  Stay home and shut the fuck up OR if you go on TV, call for CALM because the days of LYNCHING are long gone.

I know this – all my mags are fully loaded and I will stay home as much as possible to avoid the stupidity we’ll see in the streets when GZ is found not guilty of MURDER.   WTH…  murder charge !?

Oh I know why – BO has been clamoring for a race war since his election (make the rich pay their fair share, TM would look like my son, the beer summit, etc).

So I expect BO to be silent so the jackboots/Dept of no home security can try out their new urban assault vehicles and “PDWs” (a PDW is a personal defense weapon = a fully auto AR-15 which is not an “ASSAULT WEAPON” for some reason when the govt is behind the sights).

If you live in a big city – buy a few days of provisions or better, take a few days off work.  If I were on the jury, I’d wait till Monday to announce the only reasonable result – not guilty – to keep the rioting to a minimum. 

God bless and watch your back.


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