What a day… is it worth it?

I post with another group and well, there is one fella who thinks his sheet don’t stink.  He posts trades and “Profit target reached” when I know he is full of it.  A couple times I dropped hints but let it lay.

Today was the final straw – so I called him out and really felt so bad, I posted some BS about oh, the problem here is you are CMT, I’m EST (he’d already posted his trade was “nyt” whatever the fugg that is, assuming EST).

Anyway, I probably should have posted after my “excuse” post and said – OOPS, nope that is not it, you said EST aka nyt – but I just couldn’t put in that final nail….

I can’t stand liars, in any form.  They are annoying at best, dangerous at worst.  Tell the truth or shut the fugg up – but don’t lie.

which brings me to the liar in Chief, our favorite president BO himself.  Now the EPA is joining in harassing conservatives and libertarians…  where does this end??  At BO’s feet.



hey Jay Carney – how does it feel to be the king’s JESTER?

Okay, Well Not EVERYBODY


One thought on “What a day… is it worth it?

  1. yeah, the resident “professional trader” couldn’t leave it alone and posted some more BS, suggesting I call the CME because my trading software is wrong (bust’n a gut!!) – so I nailed that nail. He is either a liar or – he is a liar. end of story.

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