They are listening… have been for decades

Almost 20 yrs ago a good friend told me he stood in a room full of Cray computers – he said those computers were used to filter every single electronic communication – bank transfers, faxes, phone conversations, cell phones, etc.  I have zero doubt about what he told me.

Fast forward to today – NSA, do we believe they stopped with Verizon?!?  Of course not – they are gathering records from every single cell phone company there is (they get 1 subpoena, they have them ALL – I digress).  

No doubt in my mind for 20 yrs wiretapping, records gathering etc has been going on.  Now take a look – this aired in 2009 and the actor stated the contractor for the govt played back one of his phone conversations from 2 years prior (2007).  And BO said “the govt is not listening” – then why the FUGG do you have RECORDINGS?!


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