Govt being inefficient – Again (redundant I know…)

I’m going to try and make this story short as possible.  I received a call from an obvious scam, telling me I won $855,000, a Denali, 2 John Deere tractors and some other things.

This lady represented herself as affiliated with the NC Lottery.  I asked did I have to purchase anything?  Yes, a Walmart reloadable CC.  I said take the money out of my $855,000 (surely I can afford it! lmao) – she said they couldn’t do that

Trying to keep it short – that was Memorial day weekend.  I called the NC Lottery security dept and offered to 3 way the call back to the “lottery”.  The lottery security gentleman (we’ll call him Fred) said he’d contact his supervisors and share my offer.  Fred did call me back and the end result was his supervisors didn’t respond.

Fast forward to this morning – Fred calls and says he contacted the group.  He was lied too *duh* and they tried to play it off as the woman “was just looking for a man” – the sad thing, Fred BELIEVED their story?!?!  WTH?!

I asked Fred – what has been done? A:  Nothing

Has the 800 numbers (two involved) been shut down? A: No, I don’t have that authority and they are some group, probably out of the country. There is no one to go after… Q: Do you KNOW this for a fact?  A:  No.

Fred, why can’t you call AT&T and find out who OWNS these 800 numbers?  Because there is YOUR LEAD – there is someone you “can go after!”.  A:  oh, that makes sense but we turn this over to the FBI so I don’t think I have the authority to do anything.

WAIT – Fred, are you telling me that after decades of phone scams, you (the NC Lottery Security dept) doesn’t have the authority to shut down a scam – even when they are representing themselves as the NC Lottery?!?!?!  REALLY?

A:  Yes.  We should be able to do something but I’m not sure/don’t know…

To sum this BS up – I told him he should put this into the suggestion box for cripes sake!!  I asked him to please have his superiors call me – I’d tell them to their face how utterly screwed up the bureaucracy has gotten if they can’t shut down a 800 number – IMMEDIATELY – and get the contact info from AT&T so they can file felony charges!

He may very well have the authority – if only they would ASK AT&T for the contact info.  You don’t know until you ASK.  *geeze, this is some really SIMPLE linear thinking – progress until you reach a solution/conclusion but govt is too stupid to actually solve problems… correction, govt doesn’t want to solve anything or it would put them out of business – this is a perfect example*

This is why these scams still exist after decades.  Terrorist groups, russian mafia and good old homegrown thugs use these scams to hurt mostly the underclass who don’t know better.  Great advice – if someone tries to sell you a diamond ring for a dime, you got a ring that ain’t worth a nickel.

Bottom line – two weeks later, the scam is still up and running.  I’m going to share this w/my state Senator today.  For these folks to still be operating is MIND BOGGLING.  How is it the lottery can’t shut down an 800 number when they have VERIFIED these folks are misrepresenting themselves as the lottery… How the scam can continue after being reported is beyond me…

Once again, Govt continues to disappoint with its too big to accomplish anything size and scope – wait, they are very efficient at harassing and coercing honest, hard working Patriots to affect an election, and they love conferences and presidential suites at OUR EXPENSE.

Every day we come to see the light – the bigger govt gets, the more bloated, inefficient and stupid it becomes.


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