The scandals just keep popping up while the LSM reports SOME of the details…

I keep saying “it’s not what the media reports as much as what they do NOT report that is important”.
IRS’s Shulman had more public White House visits than any Cabinet member.

Now folks, when he was asked by congress why he visited the WH so many times, his first response was “the Easter egg hunt with my kids” – then he realized that was a stupid answer and some folks were about to get very angry…

He went on to say some nonsense that would account for about, maybe and I’m being generous – HALF of his visits.  More to the point, I believe he was chatting up BO about how the IRS was affecting the ELECTION.

Yes, the IRS affected the election by keeping alternative voices from being heard!  They were keeping the TRUTH under wraps.  No questions, no voices – no es’plaining to do (my best impression of I love Lucy Ricky Ricardo imitation).

The IRS was used to affect the election – someone need to go to jail (and/or be impeached) because Shulman didn’t visit the WH for Easter egg hunt, he came to boast about the hunting of Conservatives with his buddy BO.

How this is not OBVIOUS to everyone (oh wait, if it wasn’t on the 6 o’clock news it didn’t happen…) *sigh*

Wake up Sheeple!



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