Sen. Paul Defends Apple Against HSGAC Subcommittee – 05/21/2013

Congress spending tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to berate Apple CEO because Apple used the very laws Congress has made, to their benefit. As if every other taxpayer in this country doesn’t do the same – say, Haliburton?

Congress YOU write the laws – what did the judge say in Al Capone’s trial? To the effect you can’t find a man guilty of taking advantage of the tax code – he is guilty of no crime.

Back on point – Why is Apple’s CEO being dragged through Congressional hearings? WTH? Apple has how many employees? Pays how much in tax?

I listened to some of the hearings – I have to say Sen McCain sounded utterly stupid. He has no grasp of international finance in general, or specifically what the hell he was even doing there asking questions.

He did get to ask about his apps. He really got to the heart of the matter, lemme tell ya.

*sigh* Until someone other than congress writes the tax laws, congress need to first look in a mirror to find their scape goat. It isn’t the evil corporation. Bad move boys.

Taxpayer 1, CONgress 0


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