Inquiring minds….

Inquiring minds want to know.

Just 2 questions:
Where was BO the entire time of the 8 hour long attack on the embassy that resulted in 4 dead on 9/11?

Who issued stand down orders? (it is a fact the admin is lying and a delta team could have been onsite within 3 hours, gunship 2 hours).

Ok 3rd question – BO says they didn’t attempt rescue because the “situation was unknown” – it might be dangerous and they wouldn’t get there in time.

umm, Delta Team – trained for…. Danger? And Hostage Rescue Operations? Ya know, infiltrate and eliminate – who ya gonna call?

And BO et al – how did/could you know how long the terrorist attack would last? (thinking Iranian hostages, 444 days).

fuggit – 4 questions.

Why can’t congress get answers to these straight forward…

oh nevermind. *whacks head against a post*

Edit:  I’m going to share a post – bless this person:

bag o’ hammers

Now, son, cast yer fly so’s it drops gently on the slow water over by that there snag.

At today’s White House press briefing, CBS’s Major Garrett asked [Jay] Carney if the White House thought Republican inquiries about recent scandals were “legitimate.” … “We could go down the list of questions — we could say, ‘What about the president’s birth certificate? Was that legitimate?’” Carney said. [more, but not much]

Y’know, Jay, the only reason Obama wasn’t pilloried in the media for the BS surrounding the birth-certificate thing is because the press were anti-Republican Obamanist sycophants back then; they wanted Obama elected. Over the past couple’a weeks, that has changed dramatically. Considering journalists’ raw personal ambition and their bloodlust for a president-toppling scoop (where the hunkiest guy in Hollywood plays you in a ripping movie) and now that the press has smelled blood … well, I mean, is wavin’ a red flag dipped in blood and catnip really a wise move?
Just sayin’ …

Oh yeah, and speakin’ of that whole, you know, birth-certificate thing …


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