Are you a SLAVE, like the rest of us?

Another email exchange I want to share – discussing the old email going around about a guy who makes hydrogen fuel out of water – real or not…

My thoughts;

Cold fusion – I’ve researched several times over the years.  To qualify my comments, it has been over a year since my last research but a quick google search after seeing this vid again, revealed the same sites I’ve visited numerous times already.  Nothing new popped up that I could see.

Sounds good.  But the few “breakthroughs” that have been reported/published, have never been repeated – even by the original scientist(s).

Not saying it is impossible – I personally believe cold fusion is possible. 

Converting water to HHO or extracting hydrogen is still a simple economics problem – it takes more energy to break down water than the hydrogen gas gives back.  Net negative BTUs – for now – therefore not a profit center even though it cuts down on pollution (ala T Boone Picken’s CNG for semi trucks that would take the USA off almost all imported oil).

These energy sources need more research/testing – but the HHO guy goes back to the mid nineties – almost 20 years.  Still consumes more BTUs than the process produces.

I have put in quite a few hours (weeks) of research over the years – you’ll find amazing “stories”, but they (hundreds of stories/websites) all lead back to a couple of failed events/experiments & now debunked scientific papers.

I haven’t given up hope because I believe our “energy crisis” isn’t a crisis at all – and someone is probably sitting on the cold fusion solution… the hydrogen solution… THE FREE energy solution in some form – and they won’t be giving that to us anytime soon.

Giving the slaves free energy would upset the paradigm of our existence.

The farmer has to keep the share croppers indebted so they can never leave the farm.



From Red:

“The farmer has to keep the share croppers indebted so they can never leave the farm.”

The above statement says it all. But just like the rumors that the big oil companies bought up and hid every carburetor that got 100mpg that someones uncle invented, I still highly suspect that they are still going to great lengths to quash any and all evidence that anything other than fossil fuels (that they own completely for the past 100 years) to keep us “share croppers” 100% not only dependent on their products, but financially incarcerated within their prison planet of debt.

But again, this is All by Design.


“…keep the sharecroppers 100% dependent” 

IF there is ANY doubt about “their” designs, consider 2 points: 

1) ethanol – even the tree huggers admit ethanol is a complete BUST.  Using our food (and our food’s food) to make a fuel that attracts water so it has to be transported by trucks – that burn gas!  More importantly, there are grasses where the conversion to fuel returns 7 to 1 (ethanol isn’t even 1 to 1).  Yes, GRASSES.  

So why did BO give the ethanol industry another $5 billion dollars last year? (Iowa primaries?)… 

2)  Our country could essentially import zero oil – by converting semi trucks to CNG (over 4 yrs old now) – the majority of the transformation could be accomplished in as little as 2-3 years IF govt/BO & co would give the $60++ billion it gave to “green” industries last year, to a concerted effort for CNG conversion ($36 billion went to now failed and bankrupt green companies – that money is all LOST with absolutely nothing to show for it).  

CNG burns 40% cleaner than diesel to boot mr global warming prez.. 

JOBS – how many jobs would be created installing & maintaining fueling stations, building new engines/converting older trucks, building new CNG plants, etc?  Instead we get another BO plan to “invest in the jobs of the future” aka green jobs in now bankrupt companies.  Too bad China continues to CRUSH any USA competition in this arena (even as BO subsidizes the manufacturing).  

These two changes would amount to a HUGE shift in our energy equation.  So WHY is our country essentially on an unchanged energy path – enriching the very people who believe all Christians, Jews (ANYONE not muslim) are only worthy of death? 

Could it be….  War  ? 

Gotta “protect” the oil, protect our “way of life”, protect our “economic security” – it’s “all for the kids”.   PURE BULL T SHIT.  I remember Jimmy Carter’s speech – as he announced the creation of the Dept of Energy – this govt agency’s SOLE MISSION was ensure our country will be energy independent by some now forgotten date….  

Today, we import more oil than ever.  16,000 people go to work at the DOE and have no idea what their mission statement is.  Why is this????? 

I’ll add the most obvious – drill baby drill, it’s a fact we have more oil than Saudi Arabia.  Why no pipeline from Canada?  Why is BO putting the coal industry out of business with no legitimate energy replacement (artificially contract energy supply & inflate costs/profits?  hmmm) 

Yes, Mr. Red – it is all by design.  Because I can’t dream up any other answer as to why our “representatives” ignore utterly obvious solutions to our energy independence (but then we’d have nothing to go to war over and we’d have to leave the mean cave dwellers & sheet heads to suffer their own demise, in a sea of sand and oil). 

I’m just thinking out loud here – don’t mind me. 



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