It Can happen here

Another email I started to share a link and then I had to add my 4 cents LOL

A well put together summation of where we are and how in the hell did we get here…

It Can Happen Here

May 19th, 2013 – 10:39 pm

….And now?  Suddenly in 2013, what was once sure has become suspect. All the old referents are not as they once were. The world is turned upside down, and whether the government taps, politicizes, or lies is not so important if it subsidizes the 47%. Does anyone care that five departments of government are either breaking the law or lying or both (State [Benghazi], Defense [the harassment issues], Justice [monitoring of phone lines], Treasury [corruption at the IRS], Health and Human Services [shaking down companies to pay for PR for Obamacare])?

Dare I say it – if GWB had done any ONE of these things, the media would have been relentless.  Where are the code pink protestors?  Where is Jessie “I’m OUTRAGED” Jackson?

Not even mentioned above; DOJ Fast and Furious gun running by our GOVT to drug lords in Mexico!!  One federal agent is DEAD, hundreds of mexicans dead because of these guns.

How many dead does it take for the media & the citizens to wake up and DEMAND someone in the BO administration be PROSECUTED?

Fast and Furious – Dead Fed Agent, hundreds of Mexicans dead

Benghazi – 4 dead including an American Ambassador – who said stand down, no rescue?!?!  (Only 1 person could do that)

AP – illegally wire tapping and taking phone records on a massive scale

IRS – affecting the outcome of an ELECTION, targeting conservative groups, withholding status ruling for  THREE FULL YEARS (one group changed their name to “Green something” and received  their status 501C in 3 WEEKS.

Drones – estimated to kill 50 innocents for every target hit. code pink where are you?!?

I’ll echo the article and add – how many executive orders (bypassing Congress & the equal branches defined in the ye olde stale & outdated Constitution) will BO issue this year?!

Monarchy or president?  One has to wonder….  but I sure am tired of hearing BO/IRS chief/AG Holder/Sec State Clinton/et al  say “I didn’t know about fill in the blank

I dunno, BO has been vacationing & golfing so much, maybe…nahhh.

..when IRS official Lois Lerner apologized for the agency’s actions while responding to a planted question at an American Bar Association conference. Obama fired Miller after the inspector general’s report was released on May 14.

Miller on Tuesday took responsibility for the planted question at the event, calling it “an incredibly bad idea.”

Oh so many BAD IDEAS are coming out of this administration.  And for my democrat friends – I don’t care the political party of any of these bad actors – I care about how many laws they think they can break and how many lives will be lost before something is done to put a stop to this administration.  This is not a monarchy or dictatorship where BO can ignore our laws and congress, regardless of what BO or his cabinet thinks.


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